Citizens Coalition For Patient Care: Fight The Absurd Legislation in San Jose!

Earlier this September, San Jose City Council voted to reduce the number of dispensaries within the city limits to no more than ten. Not only will this make it extremely difficult for patients in the area to procure medical marijuana, it will cost a lot of hardworking people their jobs. 
The terms that the hypothetical ten dispensaries would have to adhere to are untenable. Not only would dispensaries would have to grow all of their medicine on site, but they would be unable to accept cash or credit to purchase the medicine, but instead operate on a sort of bartering system. 
This creates a precedent of absurd proportions for how counties in California will regulate the availability of medical marijuana in the future. Not only is it impractical as legislation, but it has cost the energy, the time and the resources of the city of San Jose on this relative non-issue. We at Compassionate Health Options believe San Jose the City Council would better serve the purpose of the people to turn their attention to matters of actual importance instead of members attempting to gain political points for imposing this ridiculous measure upon the citizens of San Jose. 
Please go to the website below and sign the petition, make a donation and above all make your voice heard!